Once a year, researchers from Virginia Tech, a leading grant-led American college specialising in innovation and engineering, test a range of helmets designed for horse riding, cycling, motocross and snow sports. The Virginia Tech riding helmet test has become an annual benchmark for the latest innovation in equestrian helmet design around the world, providing unbiased ratings which help consumers make informed decisions when they are purchasing helmets.

The researchers use impact tests to evaluate a helmet’s ability to reduce the linear and rotational acceleration experienced by a rider’s head during a fall. Helmets are tested in tightly controlled conditions and given a star rating from zero to five. Helmets with more stars have been proven to provide a reduction in concussion risk for these impacts compared to helmets with fewer stars – and the Champion Revolve X-Air MIPS scored five stars out of five and was rated the safest helmet overall.

The Champion Revolve X-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet is a lightweight injection-moulded ABS shell. It also features a highly ventilated airflow system to keep the wearer cool and removable crown comfort padding constructed from heat-formed poly/nylon with breathable mesh panel inserts.

The MIPS difference.

The Champion Revolve X-Air MIPS Jockey Helmet benefits from the addition of the innovative MIPS brain protection system, designed to protect the wearer from traumatic brain injury. Riding helmets and jockey skulls with the MIPS system have a low-friction layer which allows a small sliding movement in all directions to reduce rotational motion to the brain in the event of an impact.