At Champion, we’re a UK-based family-owned business with a tremendous safety heritage. Founded over 40 years ago, the brand has been a driving force in the development and design of protective riding hats. Over the years, we’ve refined, enhanced and perfected our products to ensure they’re up to date with the latest safety standards and scientific research.

A reputation built on safety

Safety is at the forefront of the Champion brand, that’s why we helped to develop and were the first manufacturer to the British Standard PAS015 over 20 years ago, a more stringent standard than others. To this day, our products stand up to the most rigorous testing standards.

Built to perfection, tested to destruction

We’re proud to say that our hats have carried the British Standards Institute (BSI) kitemark, right from when the brand launched over 40 years ago. The kitemark stands for continual batch testing and factory inspections and guarantees that every Champion hat will comfortably out-perform the four main areas of testing: penetration, shock absorption, harness strength and stability. On average, every single working day of the year, a Champion hat is independently tested by the British Standards Institute to ensure it exceeds the PAS015 standard.

Chosen by Champions, trusted by you

All top riders know the importance of safety and with many of the best riders in the world putting their trust in Champion, so you know you can too. To name a few, Ruby & Katie Walsh, Pippa Funnell MBE, Piggy March, Kitty King and Sophie Wells MBE, all ride in Champion products. They know that Champion products offer supreme levels of protection while allowing them to focus on the job of riding their horses.

With Champion, you can do what you love, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected to the highest possible standard.