Five reasons to upgrade your safety gear this season

1 – Your current helmet is over 3/5 years old and/or you’ve had a fall in this helmet. 

It’s always worth encouraging yourself to be honest, you only have one head after all.  Have you fallen off wearing your current helmet? Is your current helmet more than three to five years old*? If the answer is yes to both or either one of these questions then it’s time to get a new one. 

The start of the competition season is a great excuse to look at what needs an upgrade and allows you the opportunity to invest in more technology such as MIPS, or you can get the new version of your old favourite! 

2 – It’s time for a bit of a change! 

Have you always coveted that gorgeous Rose gold skull? Have you recently changed their cross country colours? Is bling the in thing? Are you fascinated by MIPS? 

Whether it’s the added safety that comes with MIPS technology, the glitter on the Revolve Vent-Air Radiance or the multi tonal effect of the Air-Tech Deluxe Sport there really is something for everyone to suit their budget, now’s the time to get thinking about what you really really want to make some great, safe, memories with your horses in 2022! 

3 – Their current body protector isn’t very comfortable 

Our latest market research showed that riders that wore a body protector felt that comfort was one of the most important things, aside from being up to standard, when it came to safety equipment, and we couldn’t agree more so why put up with anything less than the comfort and safety of the Ti22? 

Comfortable and flexible, the Ti22 is crafted using revolutionary SegTek construction. Each Ti22 has at least 100 flexible sections which mould to the shape of the body allowing for total comfort. The Ti22 also features a channelled airflow hole heat release system in each of the SegTek sections.

The Titanium Ti22 Body Protector also features heavy duty YKK zips, military grade outer mesh, ultra-lightweight foam and cool feel titanium coloured inner lining.

With the Ti22, you don’t have to compromise on comfort, style or safety. And the proof is in trying it on, Slip it on, zip it up and fit for ease of use. Standard: EN 13158: 2018 Beta standard level 3, 2018

4 – Your loved ones are riding in a ‘hand-me-down’ helmet or body protector. 

Horse riding can be an expensive sport, at Champion we pride ourselves on having an affordable range of safety equipment for all levels of riding and for most shapes and sizes so no safety compromises ever have to be made. 

Riding can also be a dangerous sport so it’s best to ensure you choose the correct, well fitted equipment that gives you peace of mind that it hasn’t been damaged in the past. 

Please always get in touch with us if you have any questions on how to help a new starter or a young rider get fitted in Champion. 

5 – Their helmet and/or body protector isn’t up to standard anymore

If you ride or keep your horses at livery at a BHS approved riding school or compete under rules, depending on the discipline and governing body you are riding under, you will be required to wear an up to standard peaked or skull helmet and perhaps a body protector in order to take part. 

At Champion we don’t make anything less than PAS 015:2011 and all our body protectors are Standard: EN 13158: 2018 Beta standard level 3, 2018, as we believe safety is paramount regardless of what you are doing with your horse. 

You should always regularly check the crown label in your hat and the BETA label on your body protector. If in doubt call the given discipline or contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help. 

* We go by the rule of thumb that if you use your helmet every day then your helmet should be replaced every 1-2 years, if you ride less often it should be replaced for anything up to five years.