Champion Riding Hats saved my life

We recently received yet another email from a Champion customer who had a narrow escape following a fall from her horse. Fortunately Áine was wearing a Champion riding hat. We’re so glad to hear that Áine is back riding and competing and wish her all the best for 2014. Good luck Áine!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am emailing ye to say thank you. My name is Áine Murphy and i am from Cork in Ireland. I am seventeen years old and this year I almost lost my life but thanks to your riding hats I didn’t. It was at the start of July at the Cork Summer Show that my accident happened. My 5 year old tried to jump out of the arena but fell and as he was getting up he stood on my head. As a result of the fall i fractured my vertebrae and I received 6 stitches just by my ear. I was more than lucky that that was the extent of my injuries. His stud managed to rip part of the hat and cut down my face but there is also a hoof print left on the hat. I know for a fact if my Champion had cracked i would have had a stud through my skull  and i wouldn’t be here. I owe my life to your riding hats so i just wanted to sincerely thank you and i cannot recommend Champion Riding hats enough.

Yours gratefully,

Áine Murphy

Áine Murphy testimonial image
Áine and Ollie