“Paula’s still here and will continue riding thanks to you!”

Champion riding hat

Just yesterday we were contacted about a fall which could so easily have had a tragic outcome…

“Hello, attached to this message are a few photos of one of your riding hats and my best friend & mother of my child Paula. A few days ago Paula was out riding cross country when a series of unfortunate events occurred. Long story short, her horse and another collided and she was thrown under the legs of the horses on the jump. She hit her head on a post and was trampled by the two horses. As she was under the legs of the horses they were kicking out and one of the horses kicked Paula on the side of the head. Paula got out of hospital yesterday with no breaks but is bumped, bruised and swollen but very much alive thanks to your riding hat. The doctors and nurses looked at her hat and couldn’t believe there were no serious injuries!! We are all very grateful and wish to send our gratitude to all involved at Champion. Paula’s still here and will continue riding thanks to you.

Thank you.


Thanks so much for sharing the story Wayne and we’re so relieved that Paula is ok. Here’s wishing you all many, many more years of safe, fun riding.  We hope to have Paula’s hat back for analysis to the Champion research centre soon, so we can see just how much impact the helmet took. Which is exactly what was supposed to happen rather than Paula’s head getting damaged! Watch this space for the results…

Paulahat3 Paulahat2 Champion riding hat