How do I know if my helmet fits correctly?

A: One size or style does not fit all so the simple answer here is to get it fitted by a reputable retailer with a good selection of helmets to choose from. These pointers below should also help you:

  1. After measuring the circumference of your head at 10mm above your eyebrows, the fitter will check the manufacturers guidelines and find a style that will most likely match your size requirements and head shape.
  2. They will then check the fit of your helmet by rolling it onto your head from the front, placing it in the correct position about 10mm above your eyebrows and pressing down until the helmet is in the correct position on your head.
  3. Hold the helmet lightly at each side and gently rock the hat from front to back ensuring the movement is limited. If there is too much movement, then the helmet is too big.
  4. Check for space at the front of the temples. A little room at this point prevents headaches from occurring.
  5. Check the space at the back of the helmet. There may be a little space here which is not as critical as the front area. However too much room would suggest that the helmet is either the wrong size or the wrong shape for your head.
  6. Adjust the harness, begin with the front strap clip in the buckle, leave the strap loose, adjust the nape strap buckles or laces then adjust the front strap ensuring a snug fit under the chin. Thread the loose ends of both straps through the retaining “O” rings and slide them up to the buckles to prevent slippage. 
  7. Check again for your own peace of mind that you have a stable fit across the front area by gently rocking the helmet back and forwards. Movement should now be limited to no more than 10-15mm. Gently tapping the helmet from under the back is another way to ensure there is no movement. The helmet should not tip forward onto your eyes or nose whilst being tapped.  (A loose harness under the chin or rear adjustment may cause this to happen).

Snug as a bug

When trying a new helmet, it is important to remember that the one you try on may feel snugger than the one you are used to riding in. With wear, the foam in your old helmet will have worn slightly and therefore will feel looser than a brand new one.